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Training of PhD students at Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University is carried out by graduate school in accordance with the “Procedure for training Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Sciences in higher education institutions”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 23, 2016 № 261 and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of April 3, 2019 № 283 (
Training students for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in graduate school takes place in full-time and part-time forms.
Postgraduate training is conducted:

  • at the expense of state budget expenditures (state order) and at the expense of local budget expenditures (regional order);
  • at the expense of legal entities or individuals (under contractual terms).

Admission to graduate school is performed on a competitive basis for applicants who have completed higher education at the educational and qualification level of a Master or a Specialist degree.
The normative training duration of a Doctor of Philosophy in graduate school is four years.
Training students for the degree of a Doctor of Philosophy in graduate school involves the implementation of the relevant educational and scientific program ( in a particular specialty and conducting their own research. An integral part of the educational and scientific program is the preparation and publication of scientific articles.
All graduate students, regardless of their form of study, are required to attend classes and undergo all forms of current and final tests, provided by the educational and scientific program, and reflected in the individual curriculum of a graduate student.
Graduate students conduct research in accordance with the individual plan of scientific work, which determines the content, deadlines, and scope of research, as well as the planned term of defense of the dissertation during the training in graduate school.
Certification of graduate students pretending to the degree of a Doctor of Philosophy is executed by a specialized academic council formed for one-time defense on the basis of public defense of scientific achievements in the form of a dissertation.
Training of foreign citizens in graduate school is performed on the basis of:

  • international agreements of Ukraine and/or international exchange or mobility programs;
  • on the basis of agreements concluded between Vasyl’ Stus DonNU and institutions of higher education (scientific institutions) of Ukraine and other countries on the exchange of scientists or academic mobility;
  • at the expense of legal entities and individuals (under contractual terms).

To receive additional information, foreigners can contact the Department of Preparation for Teaching and Education of Foreigners by following e-mail: [email protected]. Admission rules for foreign applicants and stateless persons are available at the link.

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