Fields of scientific research

The order of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine dated June 7, 2011, No. 535 as amended by order of 17.04.2012, No. 472, approved for the University the list of priority thematic areas of scientific research and development:

I. In the field of fundamental research: the theory of functions and functional analysis; mechanics of deformable solids; nanophysics and nanotechnology; development of chemical knowledge of substances and processes; economic sciences; cultural research.

II. In the field of applied research: information and communication technologies; energy and energy efficiency; rational nature management; new substances and materials.

To inform yourself about the thematic plan of state-funded research work, please refer to the link.

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To familiarize yourself with thematic plans of research work carried out within the working hours of professors, in 2017 – follow this link, in 2018 – follow this link.