Thematic plan of research works carried out within the working hours of the professors in 2018

State registration number Project title Academic supervisor Start End

Department that implements the project

1 0113U003660 Spin-wave phenomena in inhomogeneous magnetic nanostructures Andrii Kuchko / Vira Tkachenko 2013 2018 Department of General Physics and Physics Didactics
2 0114U003525 Financial and credit mechanisms to build the capacity for sustainable functioning of the Ukrainian economy Oleksandra Laktionova 2014 2018 Department of Finance and Banking
3 0115U006666 World History: from prehistoric times to the global transformations in the 21st century Roman Lytvynenko 2016 2021 Department of World History
4 0117U000698 Development of mixed fodders and therapeutic and prophylactic drugs; monitoring of water quality in ponds used for fishing Pavlo Bihun 2017 2019 Department of Zoology and Ecology


5 0117U004138 Methodology for convergent management of innovative development of regional economic systems Liudmyla Sytnik 2017 2021 Department of Management
6 0117U000945 Informational support of enterprise management in the modern communication world Olha Anisimova 2017 2018 Department of Information Management Systems
7 0117U001336 Determinants of a region’s socio-economic growth: statistical evaluation, modeling and forecasting Antonina Sydorova 2017 2021 Department of Business Statistics and Economic Cybernetics
8 0117U006014 Managing the educational environment for professional development of managerial and pedagogical staff Lilia Martynets 06.2017 06.2021 Department of Pedagogics and Education Management
9 0117U003536 Dynamic aspects of socio-political processes in Ukraine and the world in the second decade of the 21st century Volodymyr Kipen 06.2017 05.2022 Department of Political Science and Public Administration
10 0117U006342 Integrated development of regions: human resources, marketing and innovative components Larysa Shaulska 07.2017 06.2020 Department of Human Resources Management and Labor Economics, Marketing and Enterprise Economics
11 0118U003140 Legal support of socio-economic development: current state and prospects Antonina Bobkova 2017 2021 Department of Law
12 0118U001041 Poetics of a literary work: theoretical, ontological, functional, intermedial Vira Prosalova 2018 2022 Department of Theory and History of Ukrainian and World Literature