Postgraduate studies

During the course of studies, post-graduate students shall complete the educational and research programme, master the research methods and carry out planned activities.

Upon completing the course, postgraduates can defend their theses based on the fulfilled research activities.

Training of postgraduates is funded through:

  • the state budget of Ukraine (via government contract)
  • the funds of legal entities and individuals (in addition to the government contract).

Non-citizens and foreign citizens are trained on the basis of:

  • international treaties of Ukraine and/or international exchange/mobility programmes;
  • agreements between Vasyl Stus’ Donetsk National University and higher educational institutions (research institutions) of Ukraine and other countries, involving exchange of academic staff and researchers;
  • contracts with legal entities and individuals.

Application to postgraduate studies is open on a competitive basis to individuals who have Master and Specialist degrees.

For additional information foreign citizens can contact the International Education Centre via e-mail: [email protected]